Locate All Your Upholstery Supplies Easily

Today, beautiful chairs, couches, sofas, purses, coats, cushions and other upholstered clothing and furnishings offer a creative design outlet for creative people. Sewing your own upholstered items provides a fun (and sometimes lucrative) hobby. Discover all the upholstery supplies your require in one convenient online location: the Creative Textile Works website.

Unleash Your Imagination

The special skills required to perform upholstery attract some very talented individuals. This field provides a great outlet for creativity for anyone with an interest in design, interior decorating, art, antiques or home crafts.

In former years, upholsterers sometimes experienced difficulty locating the necessary tools and supplies required to pursue this hobby. Now you can find everything necessary to finish a professional upholstery or re-upholstery project from Creative Textile Works. We possess extensive experience in this field. Plus, we carry the types of high quality, safe products you prefer.

upholstery supplies

High Quality Upholstery Supplies

Whether you seek to upholster a beloved old chair or a lovely padded new coat or pillow, we’ve got you covered. Visit Creative Textile Works to find:

  • Burlap
  • Denim
  • Cardboard Tackstrips
  • Metal Tackstrips
  • Nylong Twine
  • Bobbins
  • Webbing
  • Adhesives
  • Vinyl
  • Polyester Fiber Fill
  • Foam Slabs, and More!
We also carry many hard-to-find tools and a great line of adhesives, including Misty and Weldwood products. Our location in Nashville permits us to sell via the Internet.

Many customers prefer to visit our store in person. Some travel here from across Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. We’ll offer helpful advice about your project and the types of materials you’ll require to complete high-quality upholstery work. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to see and touch upholstery fabric swatches so that you can evaluate the best colors and textures for your upholstery project.

Use Creative Textile Works As Your Go-To Upholstery Resource

upholstery supplies

Upholstery projects fascinate many people who enjoy sewing. The ability to transform a battered recliner or a outmoded couch into a comfortable, attractive newly re-upholstered piece of furniture helps households obtain longer-lasting utility from expensive purchases.

Having an upholsterer in the household can help stretch dollars. Businesses that buy furnishings frequently, such as bed and breakfast establishments and hotels, sometimes obtain significant benefits by using re-upholstery as a cost-saving strategy, too.

It’s also very satisfying to create your own upholstery project. Designing and upholstering a chair or a new padded item of clothing using lovely upholstery fabric provides an opportunity to delight friends and family.

Creative Textile Works possesses the knowledge and experience to assist you in developing your upholstery skills. Let us become your trusted go-to upholstery resource.

An Upholstery Center

High quality upholstery involves the use of the best supplies. Our lines of products have demonstrated superior performance, or we wouldn’t offer them to our customers.

Since our launch in 1967 as a local source for finely detailed quilting and mattress ticking, Creative Textile works has gained a respected reputation as a sewing, quilting and upholstery center. Many of the most highly respected businesses in Tennessee depend upon our expertise. You can rely upon the excellent lines of upholstery tools and fabrics that we offer.


Custom-Made Upholstered Products

We also complete customized upholstery assignments for customers. If you’ve started an upholstery project, but found that this undertaking exceeds your time avialability, our talented staff can assist you in completing the work. We produce furnishings for many customers on request, including drapes, pillows, cushions, quilts, and embroidery.

Our supplies and outstanding service help our customers enjoy beautiful upholstery. Make us your one-stop upholstery center!