Creative Textile Works: Discover Beautiful Fine Quality Quilting

Treasured for centuries as a type of valuable art, today quilting enjoys renewed popularity in the creation of fine home furnishings. When people consider warm, hospitable living environments in the South and Appalachia, carefully created quilts sewn with attention to detail enjoy a celebrated role as a regional specialty. Creative Textile Works contributes to this long tradition of high quality craftsmanship. Located in Nashville, we offer quilts and quilting fabrics and supplies throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and surrounding areas.


Traditional Design Meets Modern Innovation

Our talented staff takes great care in designing and producing a wide array of lovely quilts. Whether you seek an attractive blanket for a bedroom, a hope chest, a sofa covering or a wall tapestry, we can produce the type of stunning work you expect from a firm with a longstanding reputation for quality design. Our quilts run the gamut from traditional motifs to contemporary photo reproductions. Today, the beauty of fabric furnishings remains limited only by imagination.

Our tools enable us to accurately reproduce photographs in fabric. We also complete traditional bespoke quilts that help customers fulfill their furnishing and fabric accessory needs.
The customers who seek our outstanding products include collectors, residential customers, artists, designers and businesses. We work closely with clients to craft extraordinarily attractive sewn furnishings for a variety of purposes. Consider using our services to:
  • Document a family lineage for posterity
  • Create a lovely descriptive wall tapestry
  • Cover furniture with elegant, co-ordinated quilted designs
  • Create a gracious, custom decor for a bed-and-breakfast or hotel
  • Decorate in a homespun or country motif
  • Prepare marketing samples for mass production
  • Craft custom-designed fabrics for commercial purposes
  • Record your firm logo attractively for display in an office or showroom

High Quality

Creative Textile Works began performing mattress ticking quilting in 1967, and then expanded to encompass a full range of additional fabric services. Whether you require a sophisticated, ultra-modern design, or a simple traditional quilted pattern, rest assured that we deliver the highest quality products.

We take care in completing orders to meet each customer’s unique needs and expectations. For this reason, our work reflects rigorous adherence to high standards. We seek 100% customer satisfaction.
Our company offers many different types and styles of blankets and quilts, including:
  • Traditional Tennessee Patterns
  • Bespoke Custom-Ordered Quilts
  • Embroidered Quilts

  • Quilts Including Detailed Photo Reproductions in Fabric
  • Baby And Christening Quilts
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Logo-Design Quilts

Quilting Supplies

If you enjoy making quilts as a hobby, you will appreciate the convenience of ordering all your quilting supplies through Creative Textile Works. We carry a wide assortment of items that interest quilt makers:

  • Zipper Tape
  • Quilting Fabrics
  • Polyester Fiber Fill
  • Foam
  • Staples
  • Needles
  • Sheers
  • Razor Blades
  • Pli-Grip, and many other tools and sewing supplies
Simply fax your order to 615-244-4787, or complete the convenient online information request form.

Contact Us Today

The opportunities for designing and crafting elegant home furnishings, including lovely, soft quilts, today offer many creative possibilities for fabric lovers. Whether you seek memorable items for charitable fund raising purposes or corporate events, or a special, custom-crafted gift for a wedding, a baby shower, an anniversary or some other meaningful family celebration, we’ll help you transform your dreams into a reality!

Call us at 615-255-0477 to discover all of the fabric and furnishing sewing services we offer. We appreciate the opportunity to assist in crafting exceedingly beautiful keepsakes in fabric. Our quilts bring joy to households and businesses throughout the world.